Devil May Cry 3 – Give Me More Power… and Chocolate!

Devil May Cry -- what started out as a new Resident Evil game, suddenly took a more action-oriented route and became a new franchise. From the moment of its inception, Devil May Cry was about deep characters and stylish action, but the former didn't necessarily fall into place until Devil May Cry 3.

The first game established a cast of intriguing characters, but left more questions than it provided answers to. True, with certain flashbacks, it was evident that Dante had a close relationship with the mysterious Nelo Angelo. But how exactly did his sibling turn into a nearly senseless subordinate of the demon king Mundus? Devil May Cry 3 set out to answer this question and many more.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica – the Sleeping Giant of Survival Horror

For whatever reason -- despite selling relatively well and receiving flattering review scores -- Code Veronica isn't remembered as fondly as some of the other games in the series. Be it due to its initial exclusivity to the Dreamcast, the wacky characters or the equally wacky acting -- the unwelcomingly high difficulty, even -- it's often (undeservedly) viewed as the odd entry in the zombie franchise. But if one looks past some of its glaring shortcomings, Code Veronica boasts a lot of hidden potential that other entries lack. And because of this potential, no fan of the series should ignore its story.

Shenmue is Awesome: 20 Years of Yu Suzuki's Dreamcast Masterpiece

Shenmue has been out for two decades and I still haven’t played a game which balances an engaging narrative with an authentic open-world setting so well. It’s like being both, a spectator and the main character, in a martial arts movie. And the game employs its premise, characters and setting to reel you in from the first minutes. Right from the first moment of setting foot outside of the cozy Hazuki residence.

How to Identify and Overcome a Video Game Burnout

Just to be perfectly clear, I'm not talking about the famous arcade racing franchise, Burnout, by Criterion Games. I'm referring to a non-fatal (in most cases), often transient condition -- video game burnout -- that almost every long-term gamer dreads.

If you've been playing video games for a few years or less then you likely still look forward to every new release. Every game, every character and story might still seem fresh and exciting. But, if like me, you've been visiting wondrous fictional worlds for over a decade, then you may have become rather difficult to impress.

My first experience with video game burnout was in 2010 when I didn't feel like playing anything for a whole month. By no means was it a tragedy, but I felt an overwhelming panic and multiple questions swirled around in my mind. Have I permanently lost interest in games? Am I going to collect stamps or dead bugs now? Is my life over?

Resident Evil 2 Review: A New Landmark in Survival Horror

When Capcom announced a long overdue remake to Resident Evil 2, I genuinely couldn't hold my excitement. Much like everyone else.

Back in the distant 1996, when the horror genre was still in its infancy, Resident Evil took the throne by introducing survival horror. It featured a number of playable characters, intricate puzzles, and a unique setting.

Exploring the gloomy Spencer Mansion was terrifying -- at least for its time. And fending off decaying monsters with a limited amount of resources made for an even more tension-driven experience.

Two years later, in 1998, Resident Evil 2 instantly became a high point of the series and to this day is considered the best by many. It retained the horror aspects established by the original, while also placing players in a brand new environment, introducing two new characters and therefore telling the story from two vastly differing perspectives.

Welcome to Made in Arcade

Greetings, and welcome to Made in Arcade.

My name is Edgar. I've been an avid gamer for over 20 years and recently, I've also developed a growing passion for the written word.

Perhaps, you've read my in-depth reviews on The Xbox Hub, or cursed in disagreement at my list-based articles on GameSkinny. Perhaps -- which is likely the case -- you don't give a flying truck about who I am.

Made in Arcade is where that can, hopefully, change. Every two weeks (or so) this blog will discuss video games from the mid to late 90s all the way to the modern age. Possibly the future as well, if I can obtain a flux capacitor for my time machine.

Metropolis Street Racer: The Greatest Racing Game of All Time?

I find it surprising that even after so many years -- even after playing incredible racing titles, like Gran Turismo and Need for Speed -- I still hold Metropolis Street Racer in high regard.

Way back during the fall of 2000, my mom presented me with my first cd-based console -- the Dreamcast. I'm sure that now, almost two decades later, she thoroughly regrets that decision.

I wasn't familiar with this white, alien-like piece of hardware, but the sales guy said it was "the shit". As in, pretty good. To an extent, he was correct; Dreamcast was the most technically advanced console at the time. Until the PlayStation 2 would launch in Europe a mere month later, that is.